Social Fabric® Community Code Of Ethics

Updated February 21, 2020


This Code of Ethics (the “Code”), may be revised from time to time by Inmar Brand Solutions, Inc. (“Inmar”). Collective Bias® and Social Fabric® are registered trademarks of Inmar or its affiliates. Participating in Social Fabric® or doing work as an independent contractor influencer for Inmar (the “Community”), indicates your acceptance of and willingness to comply with this Code of Ethics. By participating or performing any work as an independent contractor influencer (“Influencer”), you agree to abide by this Code, and to be subject to the Code’s “Enforcement of the Code of Ethics” provisions, below. Inmar is extremely proud to work with world-class brands, content producers and shopper influencers and we value the relationships with everyone we engage with in the course of our business.

Our commitment to our Influencers includes providing opportunities that will help generate creative and quality content, build followers and readers and educate them on best practices when working with brands.

Social Fabric® is among the best in class in terms of social influencers across the web. To ensure paid content produced for our clients is reliable, honest, and always creative, Inmar’s Influencers are expected to adhere to our guidelines and standards as set forth in the Website Terms of Use, this Code and the Independent Contractor Agreement.


1. Disclosures – Influencers must follow all FTC guidelines, which are mandatory from a legal perspective, including but not limited to the FTC Dot Com Disclosure guidance, the FTC’s Endorsement Guides, and the Guide Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Inmar provides training and monitoring to ensure Influencers fully understand these guidelines. In addition, in order to remain FTC compliant, if content is republished or modified in any way after the close of a campaign, the required disclosure(s) must remain intact. To the extent additional disclosures are required by Inmar for a particular campaign, e.g., readers should be of legal drinking age, the additional disclosures should also remain intact.

2. Original Content – We expect that all content produced by Influencers to be 100% original and authentic, this includes photos, ideas and text. All product photos must contain the actual product. Photoshopping or superimposing product images into your photos is not permitted. We do not tolerate copyright infringement or plagiarism. You should not use the photos, videos, text or other materials of anyone else without that person’s permission. Influencers are not permitted to purchase any content (photographs, drawings, printables etc.) without Inmar’s prior approval. If you need to use a third party in any way, let us know in advance and we can help you determine if it is appropriate.

3. Influencer Responsibilities – Influencers will execute the responsibilities set forth in campaign instructions or Statement of Work (“SOW”) by the due dates provided, including any correction requests. If an Influencer is unable to execute their responsibilities he/she must communicate any concerns to the appropriate Inmar contact immediately.

4. Conflict of Interest – It is the Influencer’s responsibility not to enter into a conflict of interest, meaning they should not accept any work for a brand that is in direct competition with a brand they currently or recently worked with. This applies to campaigns with our network, with another network, with a public relations or ad agency, or directly with the brand. In some instances, when working as an Inmar Independent Contractor, our clients may require that you not accept a campaign for, or mention, a competitor brand for a specific period of time after a current campaign.

5. Grammar and Spelling – Influencers are their own editors and are responsible for correcting their own grammar and spelling mistakes prior to submitting content.

6. Accuracy – Influencers are expected to check their content against instructions or SOW (including any email updates) in order to confirm it is accurate prior to submitting final work. Failure to provide accurate work is unprofessional and could result in non-payment.

7. Permanence of Content – Influencers are expected to keep all content produced for our network publicly visible with the campaign hashtags and disclosures for a period of at least 90 days post final payment, unless otherwise specifically directed by Inmar. In addition, in order to remain FTC compliant, if content is republished or modified in any way beyond this time period the mandatory paid endorsement disclosure(s) must remain intact. To the extent additional disclosures are required by Inmar for a particular campaign, e.g., readers should be of legal drinking age, the additional disclosures should also remain intact.

8. Complaints – We realize that not everything or everyone is perfect, but we really strive to get there and to provide our Influencers with great experiences. That said, we encourage Influencers to come to us for any concern that may arise so we can address it in an appropriate manner.

9. Respect and Tolerance – We are an open community. Everyone is held to a higher standard and shows respect to one another no matter race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

10. No Subcontracting - Influencers will not subcontract work out to anyone else. If you have contributors they must enter into their own agreement with Inmar in order to do work with us.

11. Content Take Down - For 1 day after posting live for a campaign, influencers are expected to be available and respond via email when contacted by Collective Bias. Within 12 hours of live posting, if rules or guidelines are violated, or other external events that would require a brand to pause active campaigns, influencers are required to take down content as soon as they are notified by Collective Bias.

12. Incentivizing Followers - Influencers shall not incentivize users to follow their handle or engage on their content. Influencers shall not purchase followers, either outright or via programs like loop giveaways. Influencers shall not employ tactics or services, such as click farms, that artificially generate traffic.



Inmar takes its Code very seriously because it helps promote the integrity of the Community. Inmar will take the following steps if there is any infraction by an Influencer that comes to Inmar’s attention.

In addition, Inmar may deny an Influencer from all access to the Community or additional work for Inmar if the Influencer engages in any copyright infringement, plagiarism, bullying, disparagement of another Influencer, a client, or the Community, or posts inappropriate materials, as determined by Inmar in its sole and absolute discretion.

Influencers may be subject to additional sanctions in accordance with the terms of their Independent Contractor Agreement.