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We believe in authentic content. We want to create a space where you can work with brands you love and tell real stories about your experience. We are proud to work with some of the top brands in the industry and present you with diverse opportunities that connect with your audiences.

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SoFab Community Feedback

Stephanie caruso
Stephanie Caruso
SoFab is so much more than just a network of bloggers. It's a community where encouragement and support help everyone to grow.
Michelle price
Michelle Price
SoFab pushes bloggers to grow and learn more so that they can improve their skills from writing to photography and more, which benefits them and their clients.
Loriann cargill bustos
Loriann Cargill Bustos
Joining SoFab has been a life-altering experience! As a new blogger I am still learning the ins and outs of working with brands.

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